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Is it too serious with GFR 34 in Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-03-04 01:59

Is it too serious with GFR 34 in Chronic Kidney DiseaseChronic kidney disease(CKD) is a continuous kidney disorder. GFR can tell doctor the degree of kidney damage and how much functions your kidney has. If you happen to hear of GFR 34 from your doctor or your friends, read on to know is it too serious with GFR 34 in chronic kidney disease.

The normal level of FGR is over 90 with healthy kidney, but with the damage to kidney, the level of FGR will get lower and lower. When it declines to 34, the patients have progressed to stage 3 CKD. It indicates that a moderate reduction of renal functions but not to the level that is life-threatening. About the question, is it too serious with GFR 34? The answer depends on yourself, with timely and effective treatment, kidney damage can be controlled well and your disease will not progress into stage 4 CKD.

The recommended treatments for GFR 34 in CKD

-Control high blood pressure and high sugar. These two symptoms are common with chronic kidney disease patients. Controlling them well can help you increase the level of GFR and delay the progression of CKD.

-The key treatment is to repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. Hot compress therapy is strongly suggested to you. This creative Chinese therapy can treat GFR 34 from root and repay a relative kidney. Through cleaning up the polluted blood and improving blood circulation, your kidney function will get improved gradually. If you are interested in this therapy, send email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com to get a personalized analysis.

-Develop a healthy lifestyle. You had better stop smoking if you had before. Keep a well-managed diet, avoid processed, high fat and high salt foods. Be careful to your painkillers, some medicines can damage your kidney instead of treating.

Through the above analysis, I believe you have known the answer about is it too serious with GFR 34 in chronic kidney disease. As long as you follow the suggestions of doctor and pay more attention to your lifestyle. GFR 34 will abandon you and you can live a happy life. Any question with chronic kidney disease? Leave a message below, we are with you to fight against disease forever.

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