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Does Chronic Kidney Disease Affect Sex Drive In Men

Time:  2014-02-18 03:17

Does Chronic Kidney Disease Affect Sex Drive In MenSex drive has physical and emotional components, which are both affected by Chronic kidney disease(CKD). And the following will analyze some physical and emotional changes you may experience if you are a man with CKD.

Physical effects on men’s sexuality

Damaged kidneys are able to cause chemical changes in the body, which will affect blood circulation, nerve function, hormones and energy level. Also, high blood pressure and diabetes that contribute to CKD can affect sex drive in men.

1. Too tired for sex

Fatigue and tiredness is one of the common symptoms of kidney disease. In this condition, the sex drive may be affected by tiredness and fatigue.

2. Low sex drive

Hormones are chemicals which are produced by the body’s endocrine system. And they are very important for a person’s ability to feel sexual desire. The kidneys are part of the endocrine system. Thus, men with chronic kidney disease may have unbalanced hormones levels. If hormone levels become out of balance, your sex drive may be affected.

3. Erectile dysfunction

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two major causes of chronic kidney disease. These conditions both affect blood flow and weaken blood vessels. And erectile dysfunction is able to happen when blood vessels and nerves to the penis become damaged. In this condition, men with diabetes or high blood pressure tend to have a decrease sex drive.

Psychological effects on men’s sexuality

1. Worry and stress

When men have a serious illness such as chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, they may feel worried, anxious and depressed. This is normal, but these emotions may lead to loss of energy and lower interest in activities like sex.

2. Fear

Some men with kidney disease are afraid that the sex drive may worsen their condition or harm to their partners. The fear may affect their sex drive.

The above reasons can affect sex drive. Dealing with chronic kidney disease can be a challenge. And taking effective treatment and maintaining a healthy outlook makes it possible to live a happy and meaningful life.

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