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Why CKD Patients Have Edema

Time:  2014-01-10 10:58

Why CKD Patients Have EdemaEdema is the most common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD), and it can create discomfort and cause workload to kidney. Thus, it is essential for CKD patients to know what causes edema. Well, do you want to find the answer? Read through the article and you can find the answer.

1. As we all know, kidneys are important organs and play an important role in filtering extra fluid and wastes from body and keep the balance of electrolytes levels in the body. However, when kidneys get something wrong, the malfunctioned kidneys are not able to work properly and timely which will lead to the accumulation of fluid and sodium. In this case, edema will appear. In early stages, it mainly occurs in eyelids and ankle. Along with the progression of kidney damage, edema may appear in every part of CKD patients’ body. In severe case, pulmonary edema may present which can threaten patients’ life.

2. In CKD, if the tiny filtering blood vessels in kidneys are damaged, it will lead to heavy protein loss. For this, the level of protein in blood declines. The fluid in blood will leak into subcutaneous tissues, resulting in edema.

The above are two main reasons for edema. Of course, it does not mean as long as you have edema, you must suffer from chronic kidney disease. This is because other causes can also have the symptom of edema, such as drugs, cirrhosis and travel.

Drugs--- many medications have side effects which may cause edema, such as some oral diabetes medications, high blood pressure medications, non-prescription pain relievers and estrogens.

Cirrhosis---people with cirrhosis can develop pronounced swelling in the abdomen or in the lower legs.

Travel--- if you sit for a long time, such as during air travel, you will also have the symptom of edema in the lower legs. This is common and not usually a sign of a problem. In this case, you have no need to worry too much about it and just let it be. After some time, your edema will disappear.

Chronic kidney disease has the symptom of edema and other causes may also lead to edema. Therefore, once you have edema, you should first go to hospital to identify the aeotiology, lest delay the illness. If edema in CKD is not under control for prolonged periods, it will alleviate illness conditions and speed up the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease.

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