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What Are Common Symptoms Of Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-02-07 02:27

What Are Common Symptoms Of Stage 4 Chronic Kidney DiseaseWhat are common symptoms of stage 4 chronic kidney disease(CKD)? In stage 4 CKD, a patient has advanced kidney damage with a severe decrease in the glomerular filtration rate(GFR) to 15-30ml/min. The doctors may tell you to prepare dialysis or a kidney transplant in the near future. In stage 1 and 2 chronic kidney disease, no obvious symptoms will appear, while with the advanced kidney damage, many symptoms will appear and become worse than stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

Symptoms that are experienced in stage 4 include the following aspects:

1. Fatigue

This is because kidney dysfunction can not produce enough hormones called erythropoietin or EPU which is responsible for carrying blood and oxygen to your body. Hence, you will feel tired, and fatigue is a symptom of anemia.

2. Puffiness or swelling

The kidneys lose the ability of excrete excess fluid out of the body, leading to a build up of water/sodium retention, so puffiness or swelling is often to seen in chronic kidney disease patients’ eyes, hands or lower limbs.

3. Changes in urine

We know kidneys make urine, so when kidneys are damaged, the urine may change, including

Frequent urination at night

Foamy or bubbly urine

Change in urine color

4. Kidney pain

Kidney pain is a common symptom of some kidney diseases like polycystic kidney disease, kidney stone, infection and urinary tract infection.

5. Poor sleep

Itchy skin, muscle cramp or restless legs can all affect sleep quality.

6. Poor appetite

Wastes accumulation make you taste the food different and bad breath, and you stop liking eating and have poor appetite.

7. Nerve problems

Numbness or tingling in your toes or fingers is a symptom of CKD.

8. Difficult concentration

Here we talk about the symptoms and causes of stage 4 chronic kidney disease and hope they are helpful to you. If you have any discomfort and doubt whether you suffer from kidney disease, you can talk with our online doctor or send your questions to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com, and we will reply you in a latest time.

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