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Is There Any Danger for Brain with Creatinine 9

Time:  2014-02-07 01:43

Is There Any Danger for Brain with Creatinine 9Is there any danger for brain with creatinine 9? I am afraid the answer is “Yes”. Well, why creatinine 9 is harmful for brain? And how does high creatinine level affect brain? Read on to find the answer.

What does creatinine 9 mean?

Elevation of serum creatinine level indicates impairment of kidney function, as kidney is responsible for maintaining a normal creatinine level in blood (0.5-1.3mg/dL). Creatinine is just one of the wastes produced in the body. Together with other wastes, they are excreted through kidney. When kidney function is affected for some reasons, not only creatinine, but also other wastes like urea nitrogen will build up in the blood. Therefore, high creatinine level 9 not only indicates kidney problem, but also mean high levels of toxins in the blood.

How does creatinine 9 affect our brain?

Brain is a very important organ. It plays an essential part for our physical activity and mental activity. When kidney function is impaired, brain activity will be affected. For kidney disease patients with creatinine 9, their brain is damaged easily in the following ways:

1. Kidney serves us as a filter and helps to excrete wastes, including fatty amine and polyamine. When kidneys are damaged and fail to perform filtration function well, these wastes will build up in the blood, which may increase patients’ risk for encephaledema.

2. Due to kidney disorder, blood is polluted seriously and this may cause the abnormalities of platelet function. In such a condition, patients are at high risk for cerebral hemorrhage.

3. Kidney helps to regulate blood pressure, so kidney failure is usually accompanied with high blood pressure. Long-term high blood pressure will lead to lesion of brain cell.

Creatinine 9 indicates very serious kidney problem. Under such a condition, not only brain, many other internal organs like heart are damaged easily. For this reason, many patients are asked to do dialysis to clean blood, so as to protect other organs, including brain, from being affected.

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