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Why Bubbly Urine Appears In Kidney Disease Patients

Time:  2014-02-02 01:32

Why Bubbly Urine Appears In Kidney Disease PatientsKidney disease patients usually experience urine changes, like proteinuria or bubbly urine. For this, why kidney disease patients experience bubbly urine? Well then, read through the passage to find the correct answer.

What do our kidneys do?

Our bodies break down food and water and produce waste as a part of daily living. Our kidneys do the job to get rid of waste products. Each kidney has about a million tiny filters that can clean the blood and make urine. Each filter is called a glomeruli. Waste products will be excreted from your body into urine. Because your body needs to keep elements in the blood, such as blood cells and protein, in normal case, glomeruli do not allow protein or blood leaking into urine from blood.

However, when kidney is seriously damaged, lots of protein can not be consumed. They will leak into urine from blood which is because glomerular filtration membrane is damaged and it allows protein leakage forming proteinuria.

What is the function of glomerular filtration membrane?

In normal case, filtration membrane contains many substances with negative charge. And these substances with negative charge will reject plasma proteins with negative charge and limit the filtration of proteins. When various pathological damages do on kidneys, which leads to part microcirculation obstacle of damaged kidneys and causes ischemia and hypoxia of kidney tissue. Due to ischemia and hypoxia, it does damages on glomerular capillary endothelial cells. Once the glomerular capillary endothelial cells are damaged, it will attract infiltration with the inflammatory cells in blood circulation and release inflammatory mediators which can lead to diseases. At this time, the pathological damages lead to inflammatory reaction of damaged kidneys. In a pathological state, glomerular basement membrane will present a series of changes. The fracture of GBM, damaged charge barrier, enhanced kidney permeability will all cause increased plasma protein filtration with negative charge. In this case, it forms proteinuria or bubbly urine in clinic.

That is the reason why bubbly urine appear in kidney disease patients. Proteinuria caused by damaged kidney disease should be treated timely and effectively; otherwise, it will aggravate kidney disease and speed up the progression into kidney failure.

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