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How Does Chinese Medicine Therapy Lower Creatinine 1.9

Time:  2014-01-24 03:26

How Does Chinese Medicine Therapy Lower Creatinine 1.9Creatinine is a major indicator of kidney function. In the early stage of kidney damage, there is usually have no obvious elevated creatinine, so kidney damage tends to be ignored by kidney disease patients. However, when they find their creatinine level is higher than normal, their kidney function has been severely damaged. That is to say, high creatinine do not appear until half of kidney function has been impaired. Therefore, creatinine 1.9 has already exceeded the normal range of creatinine, which is enough to draw kidney disease patients’ attention. Show you how Chinese Medicine low creatinine 1.9.

1. What does creatinine 1.9 mean?

Creatinine 1.9 means that about 50% of kidney function has lost. And it also means you are in stage 3 chronic kidney disease, which means moderate reduction of kidney function, but it still can be reversed by an effective treatment. High creatinine level treatment includes lower protein intake and some western medicines. Besides, for most kidney disease patients, when their creatinine level is higher, their doctors usually recommend dialysis to lower high creatinine level. But dialysis can lower high creatinine temporarily and cannot reduce high creatinine from the root. In this condition, you can have a try of Chinese medicines.

2. How Chinese medicine therapy lower creatinine 1.9?

Chinese Medicine therapy includes hot compress therapy, medicated bath, foot bath and acupuncture and so on. Chinese medicine therapy can reduce creatinine level 1.9 through making kidney work normally. This is because Chinese medicine can repair injured kidney and rebuild kidney function.

Hot compress therapy is designed by our experts through many years study which combines Chinese herbs with western medicines. First, western medicines are used to control the symptoms of kidney disease such as high blood pressure, edema and anemia. Western medicines have a quick effect on controlling symptoms but fail to treat kidney disease from the root. Once they reduce the dosage of drugs, their illness conditions easily relapse. Then, Chinese herbs are applied to reduce creatinine 1.9 radically through making kidneys work normally. Hot compress therapy has the ability like anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, extending blood vessels and promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis as well as carrying nutrition to kidneys so as to improve the ischemia and hypoxia state of kidneys. What is more important is that the two bags filled with carefully chosen herbs are put under the lower back of patients. In this way, the drug efficacy can be absorbed by your body directly and kidney function can be restore gradually.

With the recovery of your kidney function, creatinine 1.9 and other high creatinine level will be brought back to normal level naturally.

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