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What Is The Danger Of High Potassium Level In Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-01-22 09:23

What Is The Danger Of High Potassium Level In Chronic Kidney DiseaseA high level of potassium in your blood causes a medical condition, called hyperkalemia. The main cause of high level of potassium is because of abnormal kidney function. When they are functioning normally, they can remove excess potassium from your body. Other factors can also lead to high level of potassium like consuming too much potassium or certain medications. High potassium level can lead to serious and life-threatening problems.

What is danger of high level of potassium?

The abnormal kidneys fail to discharge excess potassium out of your body, which easily cause high potassium level. Some conditions that can be induced by high level of potassium include weakness, weak or slow pulse rate, irregular heartbeat, nausea, difficulty breathing and paralysis.

Potassium is responsible for growing, transmitting nerve impulses, building muscles and maintaining heart activity as well as blood pressure levels. What is more, potassium is also used in protein synthesis from amino acid and metabolizing carbohydrates. However, if the body is unable to rid itself of excess potassium,the dangers of high potassium level will appear just as the above mentioned.

How to treat high potassium level?

1. You should limit potassium-rich foods. High potassium foods include avocados, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, yams, spinach, whole grains, clams, yogurt and nuts and so on.

2. Dialysis or kidney transplant

When your potassium is very high and your kidney condition is in a severe condition, your doctor may recommend you prepare dialysis or kidney transplant. Kidney dialysis can remove some potassium and other wastes like blood urea nitrogen out of your body to some extent. In this way, high potassium level can be reduced and you may feel better.

3. Chinese Medicine is a radical treatment for kidney damage

The above treatment can only alleviate potassium symptom, but can not treat the root cause. The high potassium level may relapse, so you may have a try of Chinese Medicine which has been recognized with outstanding effects on treating kidney disease.

High potassium level is a common symptom of kidney disease. If uncontrolled timely and effectively, it may threaten your life and lead to many conditions like weakness, irregular heartbeat, etc. And we provide Chinese Medicine treatment for you, and hope you can benefit from it. Any question, you can send us an email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com and we will give you the answer as soon as possible.

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