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What Is The Normal BUN-Creatinine Ratio

Time:  2014-01-15 01:25

What Is The Normal BUN-Creatinine RatioOne of our messages reads that can you tell me what the normal BUN-Creatinine ratio is. Of course, we will tell you the detailed information.

First, you should what blood urea nitrogen and creatinine is respectively.

BUN stands for Blood Urea Nitrogen and is related to the metabolic function of the liver and excretory function of the kidney. Urea is a byproduct formed in body during the breakdown of proteins. During the process of protein metabolism, protein can be transferred into amino acids and these are further catabolized to ammonia. Urea can be formed by several molecules of ammonia. The protein metabolism happens in the liver. In this case, urea is produced by the liver. What is more, urea is transferred to the kidney from the liver through the bloodstream and then excreted out of the body by the way of urine. Thus, any abnormal kidney function can cause high or low BUN in the blood.

Creatinine is a break-down product of creatinine phosphate in muscle metabolism and is produced from creatinine. Healthy kidneys can excrete creatinine out of the body through the urine. The creatinine level in blood normally is constant because muscle mass is relatively constant. Therefore, normal kidney function causes normal levels of creatinine in the blood. However, when there is something wrong of kidney function, the amount of creatinine in the blood will be elevated.

For the above cases, we use BUN-Creatinine ratio test to help detect kidney problems. BUN(Blood Urea Nitrogen) and creatinine are two compounds which are found in the blood and the amount of these substances is controlled by the functioning of the kidneys. Therefore, any dysfunction of the kidneys can cause abnormal quantity of these compounds in the blood. In the case, BUN-to-Creatinine ratio is regarded as a reliable test to measure kidney function. Well,what is on earth the normal BUN-to-Creatinine ratio?

What is the normal BUN-Creatinine Ratio?

The normal BUN-creatinine ratio is between 10:1 to 20:1 and the BUN creatinine ratio in children who are less than 12 months, is up to 30:1. If kidneys are abnormal, the BUN creatinine ratio will increase, and this is because the amount of BUN and creatinine in the blood increases. Kidney problems cause elevated BUN and Creatinine ratio. Besides, other factors can also cause BUN and creatinine ratio increase, such as liver cirrhosis and heart failure which elevates the levels of BUN and creatinine. And the following can lead to high or low BUN and Creatinine ratio.

Factors of high BUN and Creatinine ratio

Kidney failure


Urinary tract blockage

Gastrointestinal tract bleeding

High protein diet

Take steroid medications

Causes of low BUN and Creatinine level

Low protein intake

Muscle injury



Low or high BUN to Creatinine ratio both reflect something wrong with your body organ, so in order not to delay illness condition, you should take tests to identify the cause.

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