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How Long Can I Live With CKD

Time:  2014-01-10 10:46

How Long Can I Live With CKDHow long can I live with CKD? This question may be asked by many Chronic Kidney Disease, because many people with CKD may think they will be die immediately. However, there is no exact answer for this question. How long you can live with CKD depends on your age, other health problems, and how involved you become in your care. Some people with early CKD never experience kidney failure. Others reach kidney failure and live for decades with dialysis or kidney transplants.

In the early stage of chronic kidney disease, there are a number of ways to help slow down the disease, help you feel better, and help you maintain life. What can you do?

Know your lab tests

kidney disease is often diagnosed, and always monitored b measuring levels of substances in the blood or urine. Thus, knowing your lab tests is an important way for you to be involved in your care. The tests value usually indicates kidney function, anemia, diabetes control and nutrition.

Control your blood pressure

Keep you blood pressure in a normal level, and you doctor may ask you to have a weight loss, do exercise, keep a low sodium diet and reduce stress as well as take your blood pressure medication in the right way.

Keep a healthy life

Limit salt or sodium intake

Have a lower-protein diet

Quit smoking and alcohol

Do exercise regularly and be in a happy mood.

If kidney disease advances to end stage, dialysis is the most common therapy for the patients to maintain their life. However, it can not remove the metabolic wastes from body completely so that it can not stop the renal function from declining effectively. However, is it possible to improve life expectancy of the patients with end Stage CKD by optional treatment other than dialysis?

In the early period of end stage chronic kidney disease, it is possible to reverse the renal damage. But you should know there is no opportunity to regain 100% kidney function. As long as their kidney function can be elevated above 10%, they will be able to prolong the dialysis intervals. And if the kidney function increases above 15%, they will have the opportunity of avoiding dialysis and live as a common person. For this, Chinese herbal medicine is a good choice for them to repair the damaged kidney and improve kidney function. What’s more, it will alleviate the symptoms of end stage chronic kidney disease.

Actually, many factors affects the life span of CKD patients. If they keep a healthy life style and take effective treatment, it is possible for them to live a longer life and live as a common person. Otherwise, their life span will be shortened due to improper diet and ineffective treatment

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