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What Are The Healthy Benefits Of Tomato To Kidney Disease Patients

Time:  2014-01-12 06:56

What Are The Healthy Benefits Of Tomato To Kidney Disease PatientsEating well is an important part of your treatment and can help you feel better. A new diet is essential part to your treatment process. Not only will it contribute to you feel better, it can also help you avoid complications of your renal disease such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, anemia and weight loss.

Tomato has many healthy benefits to kidney disease patients. What does it include on earth?

1. Tomato is rich in lycopene which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

We know many people die of the complications of renal disease such as cardiovascular disease, anemia. In this case, kidney disease patients insist on eating tomato which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because lycopene has the great function of antioxygenation which can reduce and prevent life threatening cardiovascular disease. What is more, lycopene also contributes to anti-aging and anti-cancer.

2. Tomato contains many nutrients like minerals, vitamins and carotene, etc which can treat kidney disease to some extent.

Tomato is a perfect vegetable that helps shed excess pounds and control patients’ weight. Tomato also contains rich vitamin C, rutin, lycopene and acidity, etc. These nutrients can lower serum cholesterol, prevent coronary artery disease, lower high blood pressure and ease swelling. In term of this, eating tomato moderately is good for treating kidney disease to some extent.

3. Tomato contributes to early stage of kidney disease and nephritis.

Tomato contains some substances that can be regarded as a diuretic. For this, kidney disease patients can eat some tomato to increase their urine volume to remove more wastes and toxins out of your body. Swelling can be alleviated and some early kidney disease symptoms can be controlled to some extent.

4. Tomato can treat anemia.

Anemia is a common symptom of kidney disease. Tomato adding milk is a great source of iron, so patients can eat tomato to treat anemia.

Generally speaking, tomato is beneficial to kidney disease patients, but it does not mean all patients can eat tomato. Besides vitamin, lycopene and other nutrients, tomato is also rich in potassium. In this case, if your medical report shows that you have high potassium level, you should avoid tomato; otherwise irregular heart beat or muscle cramps appear easily.

Actually, many foods are kidney friendly foods, but different people need different foods. And you should choose foods that can treat your kidney disease according to your own healthy conditions.

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