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Can CKD Patients Benefit From Cabbage

Time:  2014-01-10 10:56

Can CKD Patients Benefit From CabbageOnce people are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, they usually have a strict diet to manage their illness conditions. A healthy dietary plan is more helpful for their illness condition and can delay the progression of CKD to some degree. As we all know, cabbage is abundant in nutrition, so can CKD patients benefit from cabbage?

Cabbage is favored by many people due to its rich nutrition. For people with different diseases, they can get different benefits from eating cabbage.

Cabbage has the following advantages of treating disease:

1. Boost the body’s immune system.

Cabbage contains lots of essential nutrients, such as amino acids, renieratene and so on, especially the vitamin C. These nutrients all have the function of boosting your immune system.

2. Promote the blood circulation.

We know CKD patients easily suffer from osteoporosis due to damaged kidneys which lose the ability of balancing the electrolytes, such as the balance of calcium and phosphorus. In this case, it easily cause the low calcium and high phosphorus. For this, patients have a high risk of getting osteoporosis. In this condition, patients with CKD can eat some cabbages. This is because cabbage contains rich vitamin A, calcium. And these elements are able to promote the growth of bone and prevent the formation of osteoporosis. Therefore, patients eat cabbages contributing to the bone growth and promoting the blood circulation.

What’s more, eating cabbages can also stimulate your digestion, fight against cancer and improve your looks. Now, we have known the healthy benefits of cabbages. Are all of these benefits good for people with CKD patients?

The answer for this question:

Though cabbage has so many healthy benefits, it does not mean all CKD patients can eat it. For example, if CKD patients have the symptom of itchy skin, they had better not eat cabbage. Besides, the water contained in cabbage is very high which amounts to approximate 90%, so if patients have severe edema, they should not be allowed to eat cabbage either. Otherwise, it will aggravate their illness condition, and in serious case, pulmonary edema may threaten their life.

From the above, we know CKD patients can benefit a lot from cabbage, but in some cases cabbage can also worsen their illness conditions. Therefore, once you have some symptoms or discomforts, you need to tell the online doctor and consult whether cabbage is available for you before eating it.

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