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Well-managed Diet for CKD Stage 3

Time:  2014-03-01 01:00

Well-managed Diet for CKD Stage 3Chronic kidney disease, abbreviated as CKD, is one of the common kidney diseases. A well-managed diet can also help delay the progression of chronic kidney disease stage 3 as well as the medicines treatment.

For CKD stage 3 patients, the kidneys still function sufficiently to remove fluid, potassium and a moderate amount of waste. Your dietitian will assess your current diet, weight history and appetite to decide daily nutrient targets and a well-managed diet can help you make these targets come true.

what nutrients should I notice in diet with CKD stage 3

A. Protein

Avoid high-protein foods. The waste product of protein called urea nitrogen needs to be removed from the body. Thus adding much burden to kidney. The daily intake of protein for CKD stage 3 patients should be controlled within 0.6g per kilogram of body weight. As you adjust your diet with lower amounts of high-protein foods, you will find changing your protein intake is not difficult to do. Avoid milk, yogurt, cheese and soy.

B. Fluid

Fluid is not restricted for chronic kidney disease stage 3 unless you have the symptoms of high blood pressure and swelling. These symptoms may indicates the decline of kidney function and the decreased urine output.

C. Phosphorus

This mineral should be limited because of the diseased kidney and out-of-balance between calcium and phosphorus. A diet with no more than 800mg phosphorus can help delay the progression of chronic kidney disease. You should focus on the foods with phosphate additives first. Then adjust foods with naturally occurring phosphates, such as seeds, milk, ice cream and chocolate.

In addition, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Keeping a well-managed diet really can help treat CKD stage 3 to some extent and increase the immunity. If you happen to be a CKD stage 3 sufferer, send an email to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com to know more diet nutrients and keep a healthy life. Good luck!

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