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Are Pistachios Good for You If You Have Chronic Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-02-27 07:34

Are Pistachios Good for You If You Have Chronic Kidney DiseaseNative to Iran and Iraq, and dating back as early as 6750 BC, pistachios were known for their unique green color. Many people like to eat them duo to their rich nutritive values all over the world. However, are pistachios good for you if you have chronic kidney disease?

Pistachios are believed to have many functions, such as anti-aging, Intestinal protection and increase corporeity. For the above question, let us see the nutritions factors that contained in pistachios.

1. Protein

Like many other nuts, they all contain rich protein. 100g of dry roasted pistachios provides 6g protein. Although protein is a necessary nutrient, kidney disease patients are suggested to limit the amount of protein in diet. They should control the intake of protein within 0.6g/kg a day. So you had better not eat pistachios with chronic kidney disease.

2. Fat

Many nuts contain much fat, including pistachios. It is reported that 28g pistachios a day can help you control weight. But for kidney disease patients, 28g pistachios means too much fat. It will aggravate the condition of chronic kidney disease if you had hyperlipemia before.

3. Phosphorus

They are rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus, as an important part to build up bone, is a indispensable mineral substance in our body. Healthy kidney can filter the excess phosphorus from the blood. Unluckily, the diseased kidney cannot. So foods with high phosphorus are generally suggested to be avoided.

From the above analysis, we can know that pistachios are not good for you if you have chronic kidney disease. You should limit the amount of them or avoid them depending on personalized illness condition. Thereby, you can speak to your dietitian or chat with our online doctor for an exact answer after analyzing your kidney disease. Remember that we are here to help you to conquer chronic kidney disease. Feel free to contact us by emailing to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com.

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