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Is It Good to Eat Apple with CKD

Time:  2014-02-23 02:32

Is It Good to Eat Apple with CKDYou must have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is believed that apple has the function of decreasing cholesterol, preventing cancer and cleaning blood. For women, it can also help keep beauty and lose weight. Then is it good to eat apple with CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease)?

We know that the diet restriction for CKD patients is strict. If you have received the effective treatment but with improper diet, the condition of CKD can not get better or the curative effect is small. In general, apple is good for CKD patients if you have no obvious symptom of swelling or high blood pressure. The benefits to them are as follows.

※Apple contains much carbohydrate, most of them is sugar. We all know that sugar is the main source of energy. It can also help detoxify. The body’s resistance to certain bacterial toxins will increase accordingly when hepatic glycogen in body is much. So enough sugar can protect kidney and keep the normal kidney function.

※Apple contains rich vitamin C and vitamin B1 which has the function of detoxifying and protecting kidney. It also can increase the immunity to against the other diseases.

※ Apple can remit the condition of anemia. Anemia is usually caused by the reduction of red blood cells. Luckily apple has rich iron which stimulate body to produce red blood cells. So we can say that apple is good to remit anemia.

※Apple can ease constipation. Many people with CKD complain that they are experiencing constipation, which affects their daily life badly. Apple happens to contain much fiber that is used to regulate the bowel function.

Through the above analysis, you must have known whether apple is good for CKD patients or not. You should keep the proper amount of apple a day and this will bring you an unexpected effect. If you want to know the proper amount a day for your condition or the details about is it good to eat apple with CKD, leave us a message below. We will reply to you within two days.

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