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What Chinese Herb Teas Can Help Kidney Function

Time:  2014-02-15 02:16

What Chinese Herb Teas Can Help Kidney FunctionTraditional Chinese medicine has thousands of years’ history of medical treatment. It is reported that Chinese herbs have obvious effects on healing kidney problems. and some herb teas are beneficial to help improve kidney function. Then what Chinese herb teas can help improve kidney function?

Kidney function

Our kidneys serves as the filters for your body, flushing waste along with excess salt and water. However, when you have unhealthy kidneys, you may have water retention, high blood pressure, frequent urination and low back pain.

Herbal teas

You are recommended to drink some herbal teas to help improve kidney function, especially some diuretic herbs such as cleavers tea, burdock tea and dandelion tea. These diuretic herbal teas can flush toxins from your kidneys. Steep a teaspoon or two of any of these herbs in warm water and drink the tea to promote kidney health.

Java tea

It is made from leaves and stalks of the orthosiphon. This brownish green colored herbal tea serves as a diuretics to increase urine volume, dissolve kidney stones and discharge uric acid. In this condition, java tea is able to alleviate kidney disease symptoms such as edema, vomiting and itchy skin.


It is a sea vegetable and a natural diuretic which cleanses the kidneys by increasing urine production, which discharges toxins from your body.

Watermelon seed tea

This tea is made from watermelon seed and is able to cure kidney stones. You first pour a cup of boiling water over two teaspoons of ground watermelon seeds and steep for about five to ten minutes. Taking this tea three times a week can alleviate some kidney problems.

These common herbal teas can delay kidney disease progression to some extent. However, how much you can drink chiefly depends on your own health conditions. Or you can consult your online doctor to get the proper way of drinking herbal teas.

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