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Is Coffee Good For Diseased Kidneys

Time:  2014-02-14 01:56

Is Coffee Good For Diseased KidneysWe know kidney disease patients usually have a limited diet and they often care more for their diet choice. Is coffee good for diseased kidneys?

Coffee is a very common drink in our daily life. Drinking coffee has many benefits. It can drain excess sodium out of the body, stimulate appetite, eliminate tiredness and prevent gall-stone and regulate heart functions as well as dilate blood vessels.

The main component of coffee is caffeine and apart from fat, protein and vitamins, there is 3% to 4% caffeine. These caffeine will metabolize in the liver and kidneys which is good for recovery of renal function for those who have kidney disease. It is said that too much coffee can cause declined renal detoxification function.

Caffeine is able to elevate blood pressure and cholesterol and aggravate arteriosclerosis. All of these will increase the high risk for kidney failure complications like heart attack and stroke, etc. High blood pressure is not good for the prognosis of kidney failure and will speed up the glomerular sclerosis and renal fibrosis and cerebrovascular complications which are the major cause of death in renal failure. In this case, diseased kidneys are not allowed to drink coffee.

Diseased kidneys are easily leading to high potassium level due to kidney dysfunction, so kidney disease patients should limit coffee intake due to its high potassium level. Besides, coffee is rich in oxalate and this is not good for preventing kidney stones from forming.

Drinking coffee is bad for diabetic nephropathy patients. This is because coffee is able to lower the secretion of insulin, increase insulin secretion and reduce glucose tolerance and increase blood sugar level. Diabetic nephropathy patients drink coffee which is not good for controlling blood sugar level.

Generally speaking, diseased kidney patients are not recommended to drink coffee. Of course, coffee has some good benefits. For example, it can improve kidney function and discharge excess sodium out of body and increase urine output which is good for alleviating edema. Thus, for kidney disease patients with edema, they can drink coffee under the instruction of renal doctor.

We can not say whether you can drink coffee or not, because it mainly depends on your own health condition. If you want to know whether it is good for you, you can send your medical report to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com, and we will tell you the answer.

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