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What Food Can I Eat To Lower My Creatinine 190mmol/l

Time:  2014-02-10 07:09

What Food Can I Eat To Lower My Creatinine 190mmol/lProper diet is an important part in the treatment of lowering high creatinine level, so people with high creatinine level are careful for the foods they can eat. Well, what foods are listed in their diet?

High creatinine level may be caused by many factors like long-time standing, strenuous exercise, and much protein intake. In these cases, high creatinine level will become normal after a short time. However, if your high creatinine level lasts longer than 7 days, you may have a kidney-related problem. Creatinine is an important indicator of kidney function. In this case, timely treatment is urgent and diet is one of the treatment helping reduce high creatinine level.

1. Low sodium intake

High blood pressure is one big risk for kidney damage. Much sodium intake can elevate blood pressure and in some cases it can also aggravate swelling or edema in kidney disease patients. Thus, people with high creatinine level should avoid high sodium foods such as pickles, canned foods, processed foods, cheese, baked meat and so on.

2. Proper protein intake

People with high creatinine should follow a low-protein diet to slow the progression of kidney disease and alleviate their symptoms. For kidney disease patients, a high quality foods rather tha high quantity foods is recommended. They can choose milk, egg white, lean meat and fish to meet their protein need.

3. Eat some diuretic foods

Creatinine is a kind of waste in your body. When kidneys are damaged, creatinine can not be discharged out of your body. If patients with high creatinine level can still have amounts of urine, he is able to eat some diuretic foods to increase urine output and remove some creatinine out of the body. Celery, watermelon and other foods are recommended to patients with high creatinine level.

What’s more, rich vitamin foods can also be eaten. For patients with high potassium or phosphorus level, they should avoid eating rich potassium or phosphorus foods.

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