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Is It OK For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients To Eat Cucumber

Time:  2014-02-08 05:33

Is It OK For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients To Eat CucumberIs it OK for me with chronic kidney disease(CKD) to eat cucumber? In fact, whether certain vegetables or foods suit for you chiefly depend on nutrient substances, so does cucumber. Therefore, let’s learn what nutrients are in cucumber.

As a common vegetable, cucumber is loved by many people due to its rich vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid and other minerals. And there are many benefits for people to eat cucumber in the following aspects.

1. Lower high blood sugar

It is known to us that diabetes is a leading cause of kidney disease, and poor control or long-term uncontrollable high blood sugar will lead to further kidney damage. In this condition, patients should control their sugar intake. The glucoside and fructose in cucumber do not join the metabolism of sugar, so diabetes patients can eat cucumber to cure hunger. And glucose will be decreased rather than elevated, so it is ok for kidney disease patients with diabetes to eat cucumbers.

2. Reduce high blood pressure

High potassium, magnesium and fiber in cucumber is able to help regulate high blood pressure. Getting high blood pressure lowered also prevents the further kidney damages.

3. Diuretic function

Cucumber has the function of diuretic, which increases the patients’ urine output. Then it can discharge excess wastes and fluid out of the body, alleviating swelling or edema of kidney disease patients. What’s more, the function of diuretic is also able to inhibit the formation of kidney stone.

Of course, not all kidney disease patients can eat cucumbers. For patients with high potassium or high phosphorus level, they should not eat cucumbers, otherwise it is more likely to worsen their health conditions.

If you want to eat cucumber, and you are not sure if it is suitable for you, feel free to leave your message in the below box or send message to chinesemedicinekidney@hotmail.com, and you will get reply within a limited time.

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