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What Is The Proteinuria Diet Therapy For Kidney Disease

Time:  2014-01-21 06:46

What Is The Proteinuria Diet Therapy For Kidney DiseaseWhat is the diet for proteinuria diet for kidney disease? Kidney disease patients usually have the symptom of proteinuria. This is because the filtration function of glomerular membrane and re-absorption function of renal tubules are damaged, protein will be discharged out of your body through urine. If protein output in the urine is more than 3.5g/24h, it is called massive proteinuria.

There are two categories, including physiological and pathological proteinuria. The former is called functional proteinuria. Common cause of proteinuria are fever, strenuous exercise and upright too long, and physiological proteinuria is temporary which will slowly disappear; while the latter is induced by various of primary and secondary kidney disease and the proteinuria is persistent.

Since proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease problems. And we know diet plays an important role in patients, so proteinuria diet therapy is important for kidney disease patients. Besides, proteinuria diet should base on patients’ detailed illness conditions.

1. For chronic nephritis patients, they should choose high quality protein foods such as fish, milk, eggs, lean meat.

2. If patients with Nephrotic Syndrome do not have kidney function damage, they can consume high quality of protein foods. And they had better eat 1.5-2.0g/kg protein everyday for adult people. And if they have high blood urea nitrogen, they should take low protein foods.

What is more, patients with Nephrotic Syndrome lost a lot of protein in the urine, at the same time lots of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc will also leak into urine, so they eat more fresh vegetables and fruits so as to replenish foods with rich calcium, like milk or dairy product, dried small shrimps and sesame paste and so on. Or you can take more foods with high magnesium, like rich, wheat, barley, meat, etc. They can eat zinc rich foods such as millet, wheat, corn flavor, Chinese cabbage, radish, eggplant, carrot and pumpkin.

3. What is more, patients should avoid artificial sweeteners, caffeine, sugar and other sugary and sweet beverages and drinks. They should also keep far away from taking junk foods which aims to avoid the increase in weight and obesity which has been proven to increase the proteinuria risks and complications.

4. Proteinuria patients are recommended to take more fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables are rich in natural fiber and they help boost body immunity and the functioning of body organs. And the patients should avoid taking oils and the saturated fats.

Proteinuria diet therapy is helpful in alleviating protein in kidney disease patients, but diet management can not cure kidney damage fundamentally. In this condition, you may have a try for Chinese medicine therapy such as hot compress therapy, medicated bath which can improve kidney function and restore kidney damage gradually. As long as kidney function is improved, proteinuria will be alleviated relatively.

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