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Why the mobidity of CKD increase year by year

Time:  2014-08-04 09:10

CKD is considered as common disease and frequently-occurring disease. Why the mobidity of CKD increase year by year? The professors point out that it is most related to unhealthy lifestyle.

1.Fashionable cate

Nowadays, people dine together chances are raising all the time. Always eating too much fish, meat and sea food without limit, thus cause a lot of uric acid and urea nitrogen, adding the burden in kidney. In addition, French fries and instant noodles contains much salt leading to high blood pressure, which is directly related to kidney damages. Also, soft drink and sports drink are commonly high acidity, it will raise the level of acidity. If one who drinks soft drink and sports drinks for a long period, The damaging probability to kidney can increase with the worsening of burden.

2.tension lifestyle

Overwork has no related relationship with CKD, but people who always under the condition of overwork, in addition spirits and work tension, the immunity declines easily.

3. other unhealthy lifestyle

For example, there are many people who will not pay attention to cold because of the tension work. However, according to the medical research, the rate of nephropathy is very high. On account of The immune complex can reach to kidney following the blood circulation, deposit onto the Glomerular basement membrane. This will damage the kidney. So if one who catch a cold must receive the treatment in time.

To prevent the CKD is important, but once you suffered from CKD, effective treatment is essential. TCM therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine and divided into seven therapies. These therapies are used both internal and external. They proved to have the function of repair kidney damage and improve kidney function from root.

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