Hospital Introduction

TongShanTang (China) Medical investment group originates from Shijaizhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. After 30 years development, the Group has built a high-quality platform of Health management service, consisting of Beijing Tongshantang Chinese medicine hospital, Shanhai Anzhen Hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Xingtai No.4 Hospital,Jiangsu Green Land Hospital, and Shijiazhuang Shentong Pharmaceutical Company.
The Group has become one of the most influential medical brand, and it has provided high quality medical services to a hundred thousand patients from 148 countries wordwide.

Our Medical Team

In the leadership of Mr. Zhang Daning, our honornary dean and respected Master of traditional Chinese medicine, outstanding dean Shi Wei, vice president Jiang Yinghui, and more than 300 distinguished Chinese and western medicine experts like Xu Qingxuan, Zhen Falei, Yang Hongtao, Zhang Yongkang, Chen Zhiqiang, Wang Zhigang, as well as 1300 doctors and nureses have formed a powerful medical team. Based on their aboundant clinical experieince, profound academic level and advanced treatment technique, the team devotes to conquer kidney disease, achieving remarkable effect in alleviating edema and proteinuria.

What We Have Achieved

We provided high quality medical service of internatinal starndard to 8000 patients from 148 different countries. We have become one of China’s high-end medical service provider.
The inpatient area was built in accordance with Five Stars hotel standard, with personal ward, luxury suite and private meeting room. Complete medical devices and advanced diagnostic appliance are equipped. We give full respect to patient’s privacy, religious and living habit, to provide a comfortable medical environment.

Introduction on Medical Devices

The Group invited 700 million RMB in introducing advanced diagnostic deviced from abroad, equiping full set checking system, to provide patients with scientific clinical diangosis and treatment

Introduction on Unique Treatments

The hospital’s featured treatment is utilizing Chinese medicines to clean toxins in blood, which has remarkable effect in treating kidney disease, especially in treating refractory edema and intractable proteinuria. A lot of cure cases are available. The core technique is cleaning toxins, using ‘sweating, vomiting and urination’ methods to discharge toxins in body and recuperate health.
If you are interested in this, then please contact us, the hospital currently accept the appointment of patients in advance